Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Battle Of The Mason Jar Lids!

Today is a review and comparison on Cuppow, Ecojarz and Simply Straws. Many of you wanted a comparison to decide which brand is right for you! Lets get started!

First up we have Cuppow! Cuppow was the first brand that I tried out. I love the plastic sippy cup style of their lids. It's super easy to just screw onto the top and go. They don't make an option for straws. I really like the flow on the cuppows. Also they are the easiest to clean of the three. I think this is great if you're not into the straws. Great for kids. They also won't rust. 

$7.99 for one lid

Second up is Ecojarz. Ecojarz is another great option. The lid is made of silicone so it is a rubbery feeling. You can use them with the stainless steel straw or without. If I am using ecojarz I prefer to use the straw. I like the flow of cuppow better than ecojarz when I don't use a straw. They also make little straw cleaners for their straws. I definitely like this company. The only thing I can say is that even though the straw cleaner is great I wish I could see through to make sure I have no green smoothie still lingering in the straw. They also make a stainless steel version of the silicone lid.

$5.99 Silicone Lid
$7.99 Stainless Steel
4 pack Straws $9.95
Regular sized colored straw

Last but not least is Simply Straws. I love Simply Straws. There is something about that glass straw that I really like. Simply Straws make clear or colored glass straws. They make large and regular size.  Bent or Straight. You can buy just the straws or you can buy the lids that the straws fit into. They also sell the mason jar with handles (as do ecojarz) I love that when you clean the straws you can see that they are really clean. The only thing I will say is that if they are for kids maybe go with the Ecojarz steel straws so they can't accidentally drop and break them. But I suppose if you can giving them a mason jar to drink from you aren't worried about that.

Large size colored straw

Prices vary depending on size, color and shape.

I like all of these brands! I hope I gave you an idea of switch direction to go. Whichever you decide you will be happy with! Happy sipping!



  1. I love this post! Thanks for the info! I'm super intrigued by the cuppow and the glass straws!

  2. Thanks for the review! I was debating which company I should try. This helps!