Organic Baby

Yesterday my daughter turned 6 months old! That means it's time to introduce some solid food. I believe in making your own organic baby food. It is super easy and you will know exactly what your baby is eating. I decided to give her banana as her first food. Whatever fruit or veggie you decide you will either cook/steam as needed or it's something like a banana you can just peel.

You will need:
 Food Processor
 Food of choice
 Breast milk or formula

You can make batches of food and freeze but for now since she just started I will be making her food daily.
Toss in small pieces of food.
Place your food of choice into the food processor. Add just a small amount of liquid and blend up. Start with a small amount and you can always add more. Since it is the babies first time eating you want to make sure the puree is totally smooth.

Blend away!

Such a happy girl.
Your baby will probably only want a few spoonfuls to start out. That is perfectly fine. At this point you are still giving the same amount of breast milk or formula. This is just the age that we start giving them some solids to get them used to eating with a spoon and for some more calories.
I love bananas!
Lily did great for her first time eating. She loved the bananas!

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  1. This is a perfect idea! Home-made makes it a lot cheaper and healthier! :-) definitely will keep the idea up my sleeve for later.