Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have been on the hunt for an all natural toothpaste that I like for a long time. All the ones that I have tried in the past just didn't cut it for me. I heard of Earthpaste from a youtube video and decided to check it out!

I researched Earthpaste after hearing about it and was really impressed! My main concern with toothpaste is all the added ingredients that are horrible for us. I LOVE the small list of ingredients in Earthpaste.

     Only 7 ingredients and they are all great! Just ingredients to purify and freshen.

 I decided to try out the wintergreen flavor. They also have cinnamon, peppermint and lemon twist! Very cool flavor choices! As you can see on the box it contains no foaming agents. This is the one thing that turns most people off from all natural toothpaste. They associate the foaming of their toothpaste to the freshness they feel. The truth is that the added foaming in most conventional toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate. Chemicals are unnecessary in toothpaste.

 Earthpaste is also a light brown color. This is because they do not add titanium dioxide to make it bright white like many brands do. This is the natural color from the clay in Earthpaste.

Earthpaste is an awesome company with a great message. If you are used to your regular foamy toothpaste that you have been using forever then it will be a little adjustment to this toothpaste. It is so worth it though! This toothpaste is so natural that you can even swallow it! Great for kids. I suggest starting with the wintergreen or peppermint flavor so that you are still feeling and tasting that freshness. Except Earthpaste uses essential oils to give their toothpaste that fresh taste. Try it out for your health!
You can find it at   They also have it at many Whole Foods.

They also have a really funny/informative video on their youtube channel!

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